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read the first definition, and then add this to the bottom:

its a place where all the kids in middle and high school wished they were from New York City and they all want to be like 50 Cent, G-Unit, The Game, the Gotti boys, etc.

its basically a college town with alot of colleges near it or in it, and all the kids/college people go clubbing almost every night and drink alcoholic beverages all the time. if you dont drink and go to the club, atleast on wed, thurs, fri, sat, sun, mon, (note i left out tuesday on purpose) then you are not considered "cool" or "popular".
boy1: yo im from the Bronx homieeee
man1: nigga, stfu you from Poughkeepsie. you went to the Bronx to see a fucking Yankee game.
boy2: im from Queens homieeee
man1: shut the hell up you little bitch, you from Poughkeepsie too. you went to Queens to go to LGA and JFK.
boy3: yo yo yo!! im from Manhaten!! Uptown baby!
man1: oh puh-lease. youre just a doofy lil motherfucker who wishes he was from Manhattan. learn to spell it right bitch. go back to your mansion in Poughkeepsie.
boy4: im from BK Brooklyn nukka!
man1: please dont EVER say "nukka" you fucking retard. and just because you just said "nukka" you automatically are not from Brooklyn.
boy4: Staten Island sucks... i know because i used to live there.
man1: no you didnt. you dont even know where Staten Island is. go back to Poughkeepsie.
boy6: ive been to The Bronx to watch a baseball game, ive been to Manhattan to watch a play, ive been to Queens to go to the airport, ive been to Brooklyn to go to Coney Island. and im from Poughkeepsie.... but i LOVE NYC alot, and i wish i was from there.
man1: finally someone with enough sense! bravo, kid.
by real NYer May 10, 2006

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