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Any black woman who prefers the company of white males
"look at keldra she's with james and richard "

"yh she realy is a Snowshark"
"fo dizzle"
by readybreck August 27, 2009
the period of time usualy at 14-17 when a female (or male) teenager changes from an annoying adolescant idiot to a relativly good looking person

this is usualy most apparent in some females
bob: hey have you seen claire lately?

jon: yeah she's got well hot lately
Derik: she's clearly been through a "get fit stage"
by Readybreck September 18, 2009
a person usualy between the age of 11 and 18 who wears tight jeans and brand hoodies

they are usualy from middle class white backgrounds and decide to become an emo because
A) they want to fit in (for some reason)
B) something very minor hapened in their life (like breaking up with some guy/girl) which they make a big deal of

C) they are confused

despite coming from semi privelaged backgrounds emo's usualy promote their life being shitty and hell and want to die

however as there is no real dramam in their lives they simply do this to get attention

The most hardcore Emo's are simply "pussy Goths"
"im an emo my life sucks kill me now WAAAAA"

"dude if you want to die it would contradict you being an emo cos then you would b happy"


"never mind, you baby"


by Readybreck August 29, 2009
when the pussy is shaved/waxed so it is smooth and clean
"i got some brazilian beaver last night

she was smooooooth"

"fo dizzle"
by Readybreck August 29, 2009
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