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1 definition by reachAround

graz (noun) ; to graz, grazzing, grazzer, grazzed
- to invite an acquaintance/colleague to a meeting of leisure (eg: dinner, coffee, art show) and spend the whole time on smartphone making/taking calls, checking Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and showing no interest in the present real life proceedings, albeit the odd announcement of his/her total count of Instagram followers that he/she has acquired.
"I went out to dinner with this douchebag and, OMG, i just got 'grazzed' the whole night."

"I ain't going to that art show, everyone that goes to those things are a bunch of 'grazzers'."

"My work is so flippen boring, they pretty much pay me to 'graz' all day"

"I turned her round and gave it to her from behind and after a few minutes, low and behold, i caught her 'grazzing' !!!"
by reachAround April 08, 2013