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During sexual intercourse, when the male assumes the missionary position, one arm is placed behind his back and the other arm is used to brace his body weight. The male then thrusts his pelvis whilst extending/flexing his brace arm resulting in having larger triceps than biceps.
Did you see Aaron's arms? His triceps are huge! He must be doing the Corey Anders with his old lady!
by rdk236 December 25, 2010
An extension of the eiffel tower, with the addition of one female. The girls face each other on all fours whilst kissing. Simultaneously, the males are plowing the females from behind and touch hands above the females, resembling the Tower Bridge in London.
Guy 1: Dude, check out those two hot chicks at the bar.

Guy 2: Don't even think about it bro, me and Sam pulled the ole Tower Bridge on them last week.
by rdk236 November 30, 2010
Whilst two males and two females are performing the Tower Bridge, both males forcefully thrust inward simultaneously during climax causing the females to smash their faces together, which in turn, causes them to fall, effectivley collapsing the Tower Bridge.
Andy to Matt: Paul and I were totally Tower Bridging those two chicks from the bar last night...

Paul to Matt: Yea man, we had it going good until the Tower Bridge Collapsed...thoses bitches were pissed!!

Andy: Ahhhh they're fine, I gave them ice packs afterwards!
by rdk236 December 08, 2010
Literally Laugh Out Loud - To literally laugh out loud versus LOL which is used now as an acronym for lightening a text message mood
Text Message Conversation

Person 1: Quit texting me funny shit while I'm in class. I almost got my phone confiscated!

Person 2: wth? What happened?

Person 1: I LLOL during the lecture

Person 2: LLOL u dumbass
by rdk236 November 30, 2010

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