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A poor man's variation on a popular holiday champaign cocktail the Poinsettia, which normally consists of one half chamiaign, one half cranberry juice, and sometimes one shot triple sec in a stemmed red wine glass. For those attending college or wearing camouflage boxers to bed, create a Redneck Poinsettia by combining one half cranberry juice with one half beer (preferably Bud Light, Natty, Busch, or Pabst) in a beer mug, pint, stein, red party cup, boot, or slurpee cup with a few cubes of ice. The combination is surprisingly tasty.
College Student 1: Dude, I could really go for a Poinsettia with my cereal, but we're too poor for champaign.
College Student 2: There's some beer in the fridge from last night.
College Student 1: That works.

...and the redneck poinsettia was born.
by rbzelman August 28, 2009

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