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(prop. n.) The primary language of New Yorkers. It stems from English, but consists of a fuckload more curses and profanity, though New Yorkers perceive them as everyday speech and are never offended. Foreigners to this day still can't understand this.
to a New Yorker "Can you teach me Profanese?"
New Yorker: "YOU TALKIN' TA ME?"
You: "Yeah, teach me how to talk like you."
New Yorker: "Fuck you! FOGEDDABODDIT! Dere.
You: "Hold on, I'm taking notes! I mean fucking notes! Err..."
by Razukin December 01, 2002
(adj., exp., n.) 1. Spectacularly good. 2. Awesome, great. 3. Used to denote awesomeness, greatness or spectacular goodness. 4. Used to describe the act of complaining.
"This cheesecake is bitchin'."
"Stop your bitchin', you damn New Yorker!"
by Razukin December 03, 2002
(prop n.) 1. A resident of New York. 2. Someone who can speak Profanese. 3. A damned ornery person. 4. Someone who can't pronounce the name of their own state.
"Hey, where are you from?" "I'm from New Yawk." "Where?" "FOGEDDABODDIT!"
by Razukin December 01, 2002
(n.) A really, really crappy place to live. No pun intended. Well, maybe sorta.
"I hate living in this shithole!" "Oh, you're from the United States of America too?"
by Razukin December 01, 2002
(n.) 1. A whole fucking lot.
"I got a fuckload of money from winning the lottery."
by Razukin December 01, 2002
(exp., v.) The most common word of Profanese. It can:

a) tell someone to not worry about something
b) tell someone to forget about something
c) tell someone to stop talking
d) be a response to how you doin'?
e) be a response to you talkin' ta me?
f) comfort a distressed person
"Shit, my fucking kaah broke down!"
by Razukin December 01, 2002
(v., tr./intr.) 1. To correct, make right. 2. To anally invade another.
"We rectified the problem so it was rectified after that." "Last night she was soooo rectified."
by Razukin December 01, 2002
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