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2 definitions by razorninja

One of a race of evil Robot Prostitutes that travel through space and time, fighting their good counterparts, the Whorebots. Usually is coin-operated but often accepts credit/debit. Hurts a lot more than other prostitutes when it drills you.
1. So that massage chair I sat in that was so good? It turned out to be a Prosticon!
by razorninja February 23, 2008
One of a race of Robotic Prostitutes, constantly at war with their evil counterparts, the Prosticons. Usually credit/debit, but will accept $1, $5, and $10 bills. Friction burns from Rust may result.
1. "Cody, what took you so long with the air pump?"
"I touched it the wrong way, and the Whorebot tried to cut me!"
by razorninja February 23, 2008