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the word dewhurst, is mainly used as a surname. dewhurst is commonly a girl that is trouble when she gets a boy in the bedroom or on the kitchen side, not only does she get one boy but she turns the place into a brothel and bangs everything with a pulse
chloe dewhurst: hey, wanna come to my house
jordan: and do what
ryan: im scared.. she is a dewhurst
chloe dewhurst: hmm.. get on my bed, were goner have a wild time
by razjaz May 29, 2013
Raheem is the sort of person who bullshits and chats nothing but fucking shit. Raheem also is a kind person and will do anything to make his friends happy. He would also raise his eyebrows when he chat's his bullshit
Raheem: hey guys i have been in a jet fighter
jordan: seriously...have you(sarcastic)
ryan:we know what raheem is....
jordan:a bullshitter
by razjaz May 29, 2013

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