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PlanetSide is a FPSMRPG, a first of it's kind. Wildly misunderstud by UT and Quake3 migrants, everyone thought it would be all common pool weapons and a 5000 player FPS server. Little did they know that common knowledge, common sense, and a little bit of tactical analysis was needed to actually win. Many players whined and only a few good players remained.
All the TR players whine about the Jackhammer, but that's cause it's a point and click instant kill. All the NC whine about the stryker rocket, but that's because it's too easy to kill whith, and all the VS whine about their magriders because they can't run over every soldier on the field anymore because physics were implimented on an anti-gravitational hovertank with an oversized hitbox. Go figure.
by raZe November 08, 2003
A vehicle vastly underrated which is both transportation, and an effective mobile sniper turret capable of tearing ass in half. Comes with a 2nd turret for multi-shock sky combos and fatty tires.
Noobs always grab the Hellbender at the start and take off without anyone in it.
by raZe February 20, 2004
A good game type for the new Unreal Tournament 2004, sure to bridge the gap between the soggy PlanetSide world and all the UT fans it stole.
PlanetSide got nerfed... time to play Onsaught...
by raZe February 20, 2004
See F4U
Corsair F4U is better than any other propeller plane. EVAR
by raZe February 20, 2004
A ground based hover vehicle in UT2k4's onslaught mode that is good for transporting troops, has a funny horn and can squish the enemy. Sadly, they can be shot down with harsh language as their armor sucks.
Noobs always steal my manta when I get off it to repair the node they stand next to with 50 health without healing it.
by raZe February 20, 2004
The Corsair F4U was the fastest propeller plane built and used in the tail end of WWII and Korean war. The bent wings and powerful engine built by Vaught in Connecticut, USA distinguished this aircraft from the rest. Made famous by Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington and his Black Sheep squadron's assault on the Japanese where he shot down 28 planes himself. In only 12 weeks of combat, the squadron destroyed 94 enemy fighters and made headlines in the States
The F4U Corsair > *.*
by raZe February 20, 2004
A power point on the ut2k4 onslaught gametype maps that people never seem to recharge when the clearly see it's damaged.
Noobs spend too much time camping the raptor spawn that the enemy captures 2 of our power nodes.
by raZe February 20, 2004
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