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the number, usualy out of 10 of how cheesy some is or is being
and he said my smile was like the sunrise, it was cheese factor 5 at least
by raz kid May 09, 2004
raz kid, mainly usued in britan. originaly started in wales and promoted by the (glc)
another word for a person or group of people, another word for (mofo) (homeslice) or (homebread)
im meetin one of the raz kids safe (clart)
alright raz kid?
by raz kid May 09, 2004
the best band...possibly ever
playing the saturday of reading festival, the only band that can have the lyrics
"when i goes out i dose a rinses run, and when i goes home i touches my mum"
safe as fuck
adam hussain
rafiel de la ghetto
by raz kid June 09, 2004
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