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noun. when sitting on a cold hard surface (e.g. metal folding chair) you fart the type of fart where a quarter could pop out of your asshole and it sounds like a little man is blowing kisses out your asshole.
That Kentucky boiler i dropped earlier made a tie-dyed ring in my boxers.
by rayrodrey February 25, 2003
variation of hip referencing the body's center of gravity and consequently a place from where power is derived.
i'm going to put my hiphorse into it and not worry about it.
by rayrodrey February 25, 2003
a sex toy which you strap around your head, placing a rather large dong on your chin, so when you're down on the ole' vag, you can also achieve penetration
Ooops! I didn't mean to accomodate your red eye!
by rayrodrey February 25, 2003
when its so cold, you could fit your nuts through the eye of a needle
its fuckin' tits cold out here
by rayrodrey February 25, 2003
syn. knitting
shanny, you doing your yarnin'?
by rayrodrey February 25, 2003
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