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1. A song by Evanescence
2. The worst fanfic ever.
1. "My Immortal's a pretty decent song!"
2. I only had to read the first paragraph of My Immortal to know that Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way was a Mary Sue.
by Raynbo March 09, 2008
To try and burrow your way in to the fun and failing miserably.
"We were singing N'Sync kareoke, and Simon tried to crowbar his way in. What a fag"
by Raynbo January 19, 2008
Commonly used at school dances.
To dance with someone you don't really like, but you do it because you don't want to hurt their feelings.
Bob: Amber looked like a brown bag special last night.
Bobby: Yeah I know, I had to pity dance with her.
Bob: Dayum.
by Raynbo February 16, 2008
See monthiversary.
An acronym for Happy 2 Month.(anniversary)
Used for couples who know that their relationship will not last any longer than that.
Man 1: "Shit, I forgot to wish Sarah h2m, and now she's pissed."
Man 2: Might as well end it now, right?
Man 1: Yeah, she was just a fugly asiacan anyway.
by raynbo February 13, 2008
A combination of slut and cupcake.
1.To describe how slutty, whoreish a girl can be.
2. What to call someone when you're ticked at them.
1. "Dayum, Ally is being such a slupcake!"
2. "Give me the shit, slupcake!"
by raynbo January 19, 2008

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