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1.A form of imagination in which a person has a very active thought or desire to have sex with a female vagina or minge.
2. An obsessive compulsive fetish about minge.
The boy had a very active minginary.
by raymond brown December 03, 2006
Illegitimate son of the fabled Phillip, and sibling to Michael. It is an old, legendary, Urban tale of a character named Bubba Duckworth abandoned by his father and sent to prison. After years of abuse from the dreaded inmate, Zumba Kinklodle, Bubba sets out on an adventure to infiltrate Michael's life to get back at his father, under the alter ego of Katherine.
This is the story of Bubba Duckworth
by raymond brown December 03, 2006
The action during anal sex when the recievers buttocks ripple while being shaken and forced around.
my my terry, it is amazing that while i bum you senseless that your assbounce is over 5 ripples a second
by raymond brown December 12, 2006
1. A parody of the word "deodrant can".
The action in which someone jumps upon another person's back causing feaces (shit) to spray or gush out of the victim's rectum.
2. A very badly smelling brand of deodrant.
1.That was definetly the best idea we ever had of me jumping off the bunkbed onto your back causing you to do a deassdrant can all over the carpet.
2.Man, you stink, what you been using, deassdrant can.
by raymond brown December 12, 2006

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