116 definitions by ray

New slang for sexin.
I'll come up there and we can ransack something together"
by Ray March 18, 2005
a jitterbug. a new arrival in Prison that is jittery about their new situation.
Dat jit better settle down before he gets punkd.
by Ray April 16, 2004
The epitome of coolness or greatness. Insurpassably wonderful. Completely and totally Pimp.
"Dude, that's totally canus"
by Ray October 22, 2003
aka gaboza, gabolala or gayed
omg u got gabzed
by ray May 29, 2004
male genetalia that is infested with warts
i was watching a porno, and that guy had his chock in the chicks mouth, and she liked it!
by ray July 26, 2004
getting owned

HOLY SHIT john u just got pinoyed u slut
by RaY January 06, 2005
to do anything in a womanly way
woman on 4 by 4 - cant cunting drive
by ray December 10, 2003
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