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I dont know ask Amanda
are you up for a kissnod?
by ray April 22, 2005
one who is of a well-endowed nature and is the epitome of masculinity. one who females can not resist; also of an attractive nature, with a good sense of humor and an amazing personality.
Kevin is so freaking klynn it's not even funny.
by Ray October 27, 2003
what one recieves after a hard test or ass kicking; or one may take this if of a homosexual nature
That calculus test just gave me dickindabutt. Olberding likes dickindabutt.
by Ray October 22, 2003
To shoot cum on someone's face.
To insult someone. To treat like shit. To fuck someone over.
He pulled his dick out of her pussy and proceeded to spackle her as she screamed for more cock.
by Ray July 23, 2003

its when u need an oxygen tank
Frank ran 2 laps at baseball tryouts and he sudently collapsed and had a bad case of O.O.B.
by Ray March 29, 2004
the coolest most crazyly great marching drummer.
Kevin you have reached the level of "The J-Man"
by Ray November 17, 2003
Piss Me Off
It's called PCee instead of PMO because PCee sounds better.
"Bruh! Stop messing with me!!! PCee bruh, damn!!!
by Ray February 09, 2005

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