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A SkinIt is 59 seconds less than a minute...
You Got about a SkinIt BeFore I Beat Yo Ass!
by Ray July 02, 2004
one who is of a well-endowed nature and is the epitome of masculinity. one who females can not resist; also of an attractive nature, with a good sense of humor and an amazing personality.
Kevin is so freaking klynn it's not even funny.
by Ray October 27, 2003
what one recieves after a hard test or ass kicking; or one may take this if of a homosexual nature
That calculus test just gave me dickindabutt. Olberding likes dickindabutt.
by Ray October 22, 2003

its when u need an oxygen tank
Frank ran 2 laps at baseball tryouts and he sudently collapsed and had a bad case of O.O.B.
by Ray March 29, 2004
the coolest most crazyly great marching drummer.
Kevin you have reached the level of "The J-Man"
by Ray November 17, 2003
a homosexual bitch who is pussy whipped although he gets no pussy
Don't be a klynn
by Ray October 22, 2003
Me A Name I Call MySelf.
When Im balls deep in the game of pimpery.
When you ain't gotta do a damn thing The girl's just want to know yor name.
Or A female thats so fine all the fella's want to get a piece.
by Ray July 02, 2004

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