116 definitions by ray

1. something that is ghetto
2. poor
3. cheap ("boot"leg)
Those shoes is boot.
by ray March 16, 2003
Word used by dealers and junkies, a particular way of smoking, inhailing, injecting, taking (in general, using) a certain type of drug.
I trucked that shit straight mowtown!
by Ray July 15, 2004
Self-empowered cube worshiper. Enjoys long walks through the church and Simon Says.
Dude, that (four) girl's trying (four) to be Simon (four)! What a (four) grits warden! (four)
by Ray June 02, 2004
2 men penetrating a woman from both sides at the same time, vaginally and anally.
She want us to have a cubian sandwitch
by ray April 07, 2004
The combination of wack and guacamole.
Yo Ray thats wackamole.
Your shoes are wackamole dog.
Wack 2 the Mole!nuff said.
by Ray November 22, 2003
To shoot cum on someone's face.
To insult someone. To treat like shit. To fuck someone over.
He pulled his dick out of her pussy and proceeded to spackle her as she screamed for more cock.
by Ray July 23, 2003
I dont know ask Amanda
are you up for a kissnod?
by ray April 22, 2005
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