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A realy nice animator that has animated unbalanced,shock1,2,3 teaser,3 unfinished, the wall failed containment, emotionboy and alot others. he started at around the age of 10-11 and now he is 15.
Andrew:That new animation shock 2 was the best!!!! look up terkoiz on google then go down to the devaint art and check out ALL of his videos!!!

Trent: Ok ill see if there better then mine...

(severel videos later, including blood action and suspense...)

Trent:.........oh my gosh...........
by rawrzer January 01, 2008
A tator-tot that looks like it had bred with the Terminator. Just a bigger than normal tator-tot.
Yo, dude! Don't minions kinda look like potators?
by Rawrzer February 13, 2014

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