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The basic thought when deciding whether to participate in some form of sex involving ejaculation.
D00d1:I think Sarah want to go down on me
D00d2: Use your Cummon Sense, that shits nasty
by rawryoumotherfucker June 12, 2009
A teenager who thinks its cool to dress up in a childrens costume.
Kaitlyn; Look at that iron man vest, what is it like for 6 year olds.
Belinda; Psh, what an irontam
by rawryoumotherfucker June 12, 2009
A sexual predator that feeds on llama or a female that on occasion looks like an 'emo' boy.
1) Did you see that old man outside school today? What a cherice
2) I almost thought that chick was a d00d, what a cherice.
by rawryoumotherfucker June 11, 2009

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