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the easiest way to insult a woman
"get me a sandwich, woman"


"stupid cow"

and then he drops dead
the end.
by rawrpurpledinoivana July 25, 2010
it's a phrase often used to describe moments or things that were/are humorous.
but it was funny stuff!
by rawrpurpledinoivana July 25, 2010
definition one- all the garbage goes in the garbage.
definition two- all the garbage goes in the closet.
definition three- all the garbage goes under the bed.

i have major speed cleaning to do.

how will i ever get this done?!
well, i speed clean just don't open my closet.

i told you to clean quickly, not speed clean! now look at your bed !!
by rawrpurpledinoivana February 20, 2010
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