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1 definition by ravi gill

The best school in the whole state of VA. UVA, VT, HSC, VCU, JMU, etc... NO ONE has shit on Radford. What other school has the nation's highest grossing 7-11 sales for alcohol? What school's 7-11 sells over $10K in one day? RADFORD. Thats who. This is THE school that will whoop anyones ass in a drinking contest. You want to have the kind of fun you've never experienced before? Come to Radford, we'll show you a damn good time.
You want an example of radford? this year at quadfest, a cop car was stolen, there was a riot between cops and students, we got on the news, every beer store in radford sold over $5,000 just on saturday.
by ravi gill April 28, 2005
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