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I agree.

Kids who attend private schools are NOT stuck-up rich white kids.

We are almost just like kids in public school.

There are many different ethnicities in each and every school that I know of, including mine.

Sure, there may not be a large number of kids in each class, but that is important to getting a good education.

You may think that kids in private school are extremely rich, and able to get whatever they ask.

Well, you're wrong.

Sure, some are rich and spoiled, but there are kids like that everywhere. Many students earn a scholarship and are enrolled because of their hard work. Some scholarships, even, are for students who wish to enroll but do not have all the money that they need. The scholarship then helps to pay for the student's tuition as long as they work hard and make decent grades. This, in fact is what your's truely is doing.

However, many kids who are enrolled in private school are not rich at all. Some are just bearly in. Their parents are getting money from every source they can, to the point where they are just bearly getting by at home. About 1/3 of the people I know in Private School are like this.

And you must be asking why these parents are spending so much money on their child to go private instead of public that can be used to help the family.

They care about their child's education.

Think about it, when you become a parent, and it is time to send your kid to school. Wouldn't you want them to have a good education for their future?

Now I'm not saying that kids in public schools aren't educated. I know lots of smart people in public schools. Most of our country's children are in public school. So therefore, many of our country's great people were probably in public school.

But most every parent is worried about the safety of their child.

Now I cannot tell you from experience, but I have talked to friends in public school, and I've heard the news. From that, I learned that many, many bad things happen in public schools. Kids with guns and knives threatening others. Pregnant girls everywhere you turn. (Not saying there aren't pregnant girls in public schools, because there are. Just not often.)

Wouldn't you think parents wouldn't want their children exposed to that?

So therefore, the parents who have the money send their children to private schools.


Onto what goes on inside the schools.

Just like in private schools, there are cliques.

There are nasty rumors.

There are drugs.

There is alchohol.

There are sluts.

There are geeks.

There are the "cool kids"






Sure, there are the snobby, stuck up, white rich kids.

Not many people like them.

Sure, there are girls who roll up there skirts so high you can see their ass when they bend over.

Not many people like them.

Sure, there are rich kids.

But many of them are EMBARRASSED to be so rich.

They think that people will instantly judge them as being snobby.


ready for this?

There are MANY athiests in a Christian school.

So get over it.

We are who we are.

Don't judge us.
Kids in private schools aren't much different than kids in public schools.
by raverbunnybitch October 24, 2006

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