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moondocking is when you crap into a womens PUSSY. it is when a girl streches her vagina wide enough so somone other than herself can crap into the opening/cave of the vagina.
moondocking is when somones turd goes into a girl pussy, not her own turd though.
by RAVEMAN June 08, 2006
a smoking device that people blow smoke into to MUTE the smell(somewhat) this consists of a tube with several holes in the end with some of those smelly sheets u stick in a washer tired around the outside with a rubber band. a paper towel tube with the smeely washer sheets on one end tied up with a rubber band. u then blow the smoke of the tobacco, weed, or whatever ur smoking into the mouth end which then gets MUTED by the sheets.
the = is the tube and the () is the stuff inside it. this is a mute
by raveman April 03, 2006

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