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Rave-ready is a term referring to the mind state of being "down to do anything at any time without question", as long as it's socially called for within a group setting. Originally referring to excessive drug usage and partying, the creators of the word soon realized it was more than that... it's an entire lifestyle.

You're either Rave-ready or you're not.
There is no grey area or in-between.
If someone asks you if you're Rave-ready, you say, "Yes... I AM."

If the situation becomes foul and disgusting to the point of not being cool anymore, you can claim "I'm not Rave-ready enough", and in this case you are exempted because that situation has become "Rave-expired". It is no longer within the bondaries of being Rave-ready.

Both living creatures and inanimate objects can be Rave-ready. It takes a lot for a non-living item to be Rave-ready though. It has to be TRULY Rave-ready to be Rave-ready.

The group consensus determines if someone or something is Rave-ready or not.
Holy fuck, this cats on 10 pills, 7 tabs, 1/8 of gooms, and now he's rollin a P-Dogg!! Talk about bein RAVE-READY!!!

Holy shit that guy is drinking his own puke, he's totally Rave-Expired

Wow look at him take a shit in that random planter. He's totally Rave-Ready, almost Rave-Expired!

by rave-ready July 23, 2008

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