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too much fucking informatin
i was with a girl last night that had a bad yeast infection and i still went down on her. response tmfi.
by raul January 16, 2003
Phrase: the act of sucking anothers cock
Damn! That bitch can slurp the worm!
by Raul March 25, 2004
a word used to subsitute a last name that is impossible to pronounce like joaquin...can also be used as WAKEEN or JOAKIN...also a really big mess with a fucked up toe that is legally classified as a weapon in some parts of europe
jakamakeen....well jakamakeen is clutch
by RaUl July 28, 2004
being not quite fantastic, and not quite spectacular, but having both fantastic and spectacular qualities
"Have a fantasticular day"
by Raul March 29, 2004
1. A notorious traitor. (See Judas).

2. An object which you desire to hit(Preferrably with pig heads or whiskey bottles filled with urine).

3. A subject of much humilation. (See Jimmy Jump, Euro 2004 final).
You have done a Figo!
by Raul October 04, 2004
a slang term describing data support specialists who are the polar opposite of bootylicious.
yo' afjal was looking really direndra at the xmas party this year.
by Raul March 09, 2004
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