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Similar to being friend zoned, only far worse.

While being friend zoned can sometimes produce a friend, being acquaintance zoned produces nothing.
Josh: So how did asking out Sarah go?

Larry: Not well at all. No interest.

Josh: Friend zoned?

Larry: Worse. Acquaintance zoned.
by ratdude747 February 10, 2013
V. To be unable to date or take home somebody because they are married. Refers to the fact that an engagement ring often has at least one diamond. Similar to being cockblocked.
I was going to try to seduce this one hottie, but the ring gave it all away. Damn, diamondblocked.
by ratdude747 May 21, 2011
The state of a car/truck that is being towed due to breaking down.
"My uncle's Volvo is a piece of crap. I swear it spends more time on the hook than on the road."
by ratdude747 June 07, 2013
The game played by trolls on forums, usually involving moderators and/or administrators as the team up to bat and the trolls as the infielders and outfielders. The pitch is the troll posting something against forum rules, the swing is the mod/admin threatening to ban if the troll posts one more trolling post. A strikeout is when the troll doesn't get banned or doesn't post again while a home run is when the troll continues to troll and thus gets banned.
Yeah, some troll decided to play banhammer baseball last night on the forum. He was given a warning, and his response was a "sorry" followed by more trolling and whining... and then the admin scored a home run and banned the clown.
by ratdude747 June 16, 2013

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