3 definitions by rasich

1. A puerto rican female with lots of pride in her nationality.

2. One who has large breasts. Nice big breasts.

3. One who has an obsession with food and/or llamas. gluttony
1. Xandra isn't Cuban!

2. I wonder how big her boobs are, let's compare to Xandra; nothing can be bigger than her's.

3. I eat so much; I'm such a Xandra.
by rasich April 16, 2005
the act of being emo. the most emoest state possible to man.
i was so ferny today that i wanted to slit my wrists because each day i die alone.
by rasich April 15, 2005
1. A clueless Canadian skank that goes about her days and nights fucking any guy that pays attention to her. She'll do anything for poutine; just hold the poutine over her head and you'll have the bitch on her knees in no time.

2. A donkey that races at the derby. The donkey that places last, is extremely slow, may seem a little retarded and is humping any object (animate or inanimate). donkey derby ferny
While in Canada, I was approached by this extremely looking girl with STDs crawling out of any orifice exposed and i knew right then and there that it must have been Darby.

In the middle of a highly trafficked intersection, i waved poutine in the air and everyone stopped. Darby darted from her corner and was at my feet and on her knees in less than a second.

Darby is a donkey that races in the derby and loses every time.

Darby is a fat, ugly and stupid donkey.

If you ever meet a girl from Canada named Darby, then you better stay the fuck away.
by rasich April 16, 2005

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