3 definitions by rarmeister

The third degree of the everlasting sexual bases metaphor. The best way to remember them is of course, the four "F"s. French, Feel, Finger, Fuck.
With his finger in Jenny's twat, he knew he had reached the coveted third base.
by rarmeister January 17, 2004
A proper Nordic middle name. Handed down through generations of hardworking, skillful, Norwegian hating Swedes. Unlike the name andersen, which sucks.
Salgström is way better than Andersen.
by Rarmeister February 06, 2004
Equivalent of grundle, nifkin, scranus, etc. The area of skin (usually covered in nappy pubes) between the scrotum and the asshole.
It's nacho balls, but it's nacho ass either.
by rarmeister December 24, 2003

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