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The essence of malevolence; the nature of cruelty.

It is the trait that describes the neglect of kindness.
Adolf Hitler is the world's archetypal personification of malevolessence.

At a party, bottled beer is scarce. New bottle in hand, John approaches Brian as he enjoys a beer.

John tapped his bottle's bottom on the lid of Brian's bottle while saying, "Wassup Bro?"

John proceedes to keep it moving while flipping Brian the bird.
by rareairtone August 18, 2010

The essence of benevolence; the nature of kindness.

It is the trait that allows pure generosity and goodness.
I woke up this morning too tired to move. Out of benevolessence, my baby brought breakfast in bed.

In an act of unprecedented benevolessence, the Jews of Israel returned the land to its former habitants.

Through staggering benevolessence towards his fans, Dave Chappelle returned to Comedy Central and recorded Season 3 of Chappelle's show.
by rareairtone August 18, 2010
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