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Clockwork orange speak: to understand or to see.
I viddy what you're trying to say.
by rar January 22, 2004
A heartfelt and painful longing for something or someone.
Her yearning for her dead husband brought her to the verge of tears.
by rar January 22, 2004
An expression of randyness, usually a faked female orgasm - beacause your bored as hell of fucking and want to watch neigbours instead...
she came off with a loud 'ohh' and grabbed the remote controll.
by rar February 07, 2004
coolest jewish chick u'll ever encounter...w00t w00t
yarden markel is one kick ass jewish woman...
by rar February 14, 2005
shortened from white widow - some nang skunk
i just picked up an o of widow
by rar September 22, 2003
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