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the act of having sex with 2 blow up dolls


if aerosmith started dating nicki minaj that's what E! would call them
Dude 1: hey dude, you got your Aero inflatable bed?
Dude 2: yeas dude, i got 1 for you and 2 for me...i'm finna have an aerominaj
by raptasticRiZZo May 10, 2010
being incredibly stoned off your ass. way beyond being blitzed you are blitzkrieged because you have been smoking a strain of marijuana known as headband.
skeet {passing the joint}- dan how you feelin' over there?
dan- i feel like i'm rocking the blitzkrieg headband right now bro.
skeet- lets go to war with these bitches!
dan- now where's my unicorn?
by raptasticRiZZo March 24, 2010
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