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see assbag

A Canadian liberal assbag who makes his journalism look objective but always puts a nice liberal twist to it.
"The most trusted name in news".......yeah right!
by rapsux February 23, 2005
Annoying phrase used in mazda auto commericals. Often accompanied by a crappy Mazda swooping by.
Retard: Zoom Zoom Zoom!!! Hahahaha....this is better than wathing that old peoples show called the price is right.

Me: Get a life.
by rapsux March 15, 2005
People who bitch at everyone who says "God". They bitch about the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Ten Commandments at courthouses. They take "The Separation of Church and State" too literal.
The atheists are suing again because a teacher said "God" in class.
by rapsux March 02, 2005

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