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one of the most boring places on earth.. packed with new yorkers thinking they're tough cause they're from the "b.x." or somthin stupid, ive lived here my entire life and all i hear are these city kids complaining that its boring.. i always tell them that they should move back if they dont like it here, nobody wants them here and they're all corrupting the whole area.. stroudsburg used to be empty in the 90's but as soon as 9-11 happened they poured in. again nobody wants them, there is over 82% new yorkers or other city people in stroudsburg high school, it is packed. so please do all us natives a favor and move back "yo".
city kid: yo man, this place be dumb borin yo

stroudsburg native: shut up and leave then, stop complaining you cant always have it your way.
#the 'burg #burg #shittsville #boring town #loserville #stroudsburg
by rap's a joke March 02, 2006
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