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get the fuck outta here right now
you need to kick rocks before I kick your ass
by raoul duke August 04, 2003
The definition as it has been explained through out the years is NOT to plessure a woman with one finger in her pussy and one finger in her ass. On the contrary it is TWO fingers in the pussy and One in the ass. It is most commonly explained to the unknowing with the following anechdote "Two in the pink, one in the stink"
Two in the pink, one in the stink
by Raoul Duke March 20, 2005
Particularly annoying fucktardbelieved to be the original intended inspiration behind the phrase "Go kick rocks you fuckin fuckwit".
"George Bush is without a doubt one of the biggest Jesterstars I have ever come accross"
by Raoul Duke April 10, 2005
Insanely cool people who hold the humans races only hopes of bringing about the downfall of Capitalism (ie organized crime) which is sold to us in the western world as Democracy.
We also have dick jokes.
" Geez those guys from Furtanken-Sobobed are fucktards "
by Raoul Duke July 31, 2003
affectionate slang for the female genitalia
"Do you like it when I nibble on your pink cookie?"
by Raoul Duke April 19, 2003
Male arousal. An erection. Hard on.
"What's up girl? I am full candy-striped. Lets fuck like wild banshees'"
by Raoul Duke February 01, 2004
enigmatic figure representing the effects of drugs and alchohol on a chimpanzee/human hybrid. Seems to enjoy drinking pee and posting on an obscure xbox forum.
bane of science.
by Raoul Duke January 06, 2004
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