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a delectable yet salty snack often found in long tubes which can be used to amplify weak Wireless signals.
pringles are good

I use a pringle can to steal wireless internet
by ranova May 11, 2004
1. To be invincible, but not..
2. To not be invincible, but yes..
by ranova June 05, 2003
To run someone over.
I ranova your mom.
by ranova June 02, 2003
1. Another, shorthand way of saying porn.
2. A James Bond wannabe movie starring the infamous Vin Diesel.
3. Means "extreme"
1. yo dawg that xxx was da shit!
2. did you see xxx yet?
3. drink hatarade xxx to get all your hatred needs
by ranova June 03, 2003
aka shanghei or shungheif
look at that hooter, what a pos!
by ranova September 09, 2003

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