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doing the lightning dance refers to a person who is actively being tased. Once the darts from a taser have penetrated the persons skin and a 50,000 volt shock is delivered, that person falls to the ground with flailing limbs and wild, uncontrollable body movements, then on occasion urinating them self and blowing snot bubbles from there nose followed by heavy crying for there mommy.
guy 1: see that drunk dude over there running through the street naked holding up traffic?

guy 2: yup, looks like he is yelling something to that officer.

guy 1: wow, he just spit in the officers face.

guy 2: Ooooo, awesome lightning dance, he's really moving!
by ranman92509 September 29, 2011
The sound one might hear coming from the snout of a fat, rich liberal complaining about you being a planet killing neocon because your not driving a prius or using "green" products. Completely consumed with his/her own ignorance to the fact that other people don't have as much money as him/her self (daddies bank account) and have to work extremely hard for very little with money and financial aid for higher education being a pipe dream.
dude: check out my $600 Craig's list car, I saved up for 8 months to get it, working 50 hours a week in a machine shop.

liberal: you lie, you have money hidden somewhere...oink, oink, oink, oink.

dude: I rented this studio apartment with a bullet hole in the window, and no light bulbs. I have $3 for the month after paying rent and buying a case of ramen noodles, I can't get any $5 CFLs, I'll get a 4 pack of incandescents from the dollar store. I'll get CFLs one at a time.

liberal: PLANET KILLER, what's wrong with you...oink, oink, oink, oink.
by ranman92509 October 09, 2011

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