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Ritalin is a drug for people with ADD
its mentioned in Greenday's jesus of suburbia
'On a steady diet of
Soda pop and Ritalin'
by ranikins94 November 21, 2007
The awesome Indian rap-star who writes satire raps about how funny it is to be indian. Makes fellow desi's laugh when he partners up with his co artist M.C. Vikram to write hilarious songs like:

Welcome to India (play off of welcome to atlanta)
Curry 'n Rice Girl (play off of hollaback girl)
Frooti Girl
Ladoo Shop (play off of candy shop)
Ludakrishna's main refrain for welcome to india:

welcome to india where the cows eat hay
and we ride auto rikshaws everyday
goat meats yummy sweets
wild monkeys roaming
and the roosters don't crow ti'll five in the morning
by ranikins94 October 19, 2007
the new thing to call someone deep and hard to figure out. someone who thinks about things, analyzes every little situation with great care and detail. insomniacs are often thinks.
joey: you look tired.
child: i was up till three a.m last night
joey: why were you up till 3 A.M last night?
child: i don't know. i was thinking about things.
joey: god your such a think.
by ranikins94 February 09, 2008
a famous Gilmore Girls saying. It's not only restricted to fans, but most commonly used by them. Add to sentences for emphasis- it's basically the super adjective!
Rory Gilmore: Hey mom!

Lorelai Gilmore: Rory! how was your day at Chilton? COPPERBOOM!
by ranikins94 February 13, 2008

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