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4 definitions by rangi

a raw burning sensation between the thighs or groin region due to excess moisture and friction. Can be produce from tramping, running or abnormal ball sweat.

serve cases can lead to panty rot, fanny rot or chaffing.
HICK DAD "ma. i think i've got swampas"
HICK MUM "god damn Cletius i told you you got to keep it clean down there"
by rangi February 20, 2004
fat resonanting at its natural frequency or close to.
like when a fat bitch runs.

as in a porno flick when a bitch's ass is getting railed and it vibrates or "faturates"
by rangi February 20, 2004
a fungal growth due to swampas or vagina discharge left to fester on panty lining
my old flatmate shazz had a mean case of panty rot. some freaky fungal patch left on her g-string. seeing it ruined my life.
by rangi February 20, 2004
A stoopid maori.
Al bay cha thats choice you dumb hori ass
by rangi May 06, 2003