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Vin Diesel is a new element of the periodic table, as he is a pure element unto himself. The symbol for Vin Diesel is Vn, because Vd would've implied STDs. This is ironic because the bacteria in Vin Diesel's penis will instantly kill any STD and/or small mammal on contact.
Vin Diesel's bodily secretions are highly explosive if mixed with orange juice, and so his every move is tracked by a team of governement agents, whom one of which is Bruce Campbell, with instructions to kill him should he fall into enemy hands.
by RandyL July 23, 2005
Slang; Nadsat for 'sex'
"I would have liked to have a bit of the in-out, in-out right there on the stage with her." - Alex (A Clockwork Orange)
by RandyL November 11, 2003
1. Bad-ass mute with red Spikey/Punk hair.
2. Swordsman (Guy that will cut you and make you bleed)
"Man, Crono popped the King's daughter and got away Scot-Free..."
by RandyL March 08, 2003
Anal Sex with the use of a Xylophone or Xylophone sticks.
She buggered herslef in the ass with the hard round ball at the end of the xylophone stick.
by RandyL October 17, 2003
A word that relates to the act of mischief, foolery, acting retarded.
"What kind of xylophone fuckery are those two twits up to now?"
by RandyL October 16, 2003
'Goku' intentionally written/pronounced wrong.
by RandyL November 03, 2003
A katana with a 'reverse' blade; meaning the traditional shape edge is dull and hard, and the flat back has the shape edges. This way, the sword delivers bliunt damage instead of cutting damage, ut the way it is crafted it is still VERY lethal by causing high, concentrated damage onto one spot.
The kind of sword used by Himura Kenshin in the manga known as Rurouni Kenshin.

And yes, I understand is makes NO FUCKIGN SENSE AT ALL, but you can eventually get the concept of it.

(BTW, thnx to The Dork Knight at the Anime and manga Social board from GameFAQS.com for explaining it to be originally)
by RandyL October 16, 2003
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