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Someone who ignores you all day and then expects you to respond and interact with them the second they want you to.
Guy #1 "Hey dude why have you ignored me for the past two hours?"
Guy #2 "................."
Guy #1"Come on man"
Guy #2"................"
Guy #2"Hey man what's up?"
Guy #1"Not much, ignoramous."
by randygertie April 28, 2011
Someone who can blow off all activities regarded as "fun" and can still procrastinate at the same time.
Girl #1 "Where's Jen?"
Girl #2 "I don't know. She said she'd come with us, but she had a paper to write."
Girl#1 "I'm sorry she's such a blowcrastinator.
by randygertie April 27, 2011
A brother who is a good student but puts all the work off until the very last minute. If a ten page paper is due at eight in the morning, he will play video games until midnight and then sleep until four in the morning. Then somehow he manages to both get up at four in the morning and get the paper done.
I can't do anything with my brother anymore because he is a brocrastinator.
by randygertie April 27, 2011
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