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That guy who clearly spends too much time on the forums. His posts are generally characterized by a snooty tone, good grammar, and overuse of "..." and "-_-". The Internet Hero is often targeted by hoards of trolls but never realizes it, concluding that his spectacular intelligence makes everyone else a heathen.

Whenever an Internet Hero realizes he has lost, he'll often resort to cop-outs to cover for his stupidity: "U mad bro", "Cool story, bro", "Lol, whatever", etc.
Internet Hero: *Long-winded, arrogant post*
Heathen: But that doesn't make any sense.
Internet Hero: Just because you're too much of an idiot to understand my logic doesn't mean it doesn't make sense.
Everyone Else on the Forum: It doesn't make sense.
Interent Hero: Lol, whatever...why are there so many idiots on this forum? -_-
by randomsomething October 13, 2012

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