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1 definition by random_user111

(1) Commonly used phrase by Armenian/Persian-Americans to address another person(s) regardless of time, place, or situation. The phase is an equivalent to the use of the word "dude" as a universal pronoun.

Users of the phrase will be commonly seen wearing Affliction/Ed Hardy/any-skull-or-dark-printed tshirts, jeans, shoes, accessories and the likes OR matching track suits with white sneakers. Motor vehicle of choice are BMW, Mercedes, or Inifinity with minor exceptions to other rice rockets deemed fast-looking without actually being able to compete in any types of races requiring speed. It will be rare for users of the phrase to be seen alone in public. Thus, it is common to witness a group of individuals using the phrase at a discussion setting. However, the dress code still applies to the group.
Dude bro... trans music is beeeest muzzic... European music... beeeeest muzzic
by random_user111 December 02, 2010