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The act of moving as fast as possible towards something.
Hurry up or we're gona leave without your ass.
Be there in a sec i'm coming in hot.
by random0934598347598347 April 17, 2007
A vehicle that has more occupants than seats.
I saw seven mexicans get out of a 1987 two door honda civic.

If we don't take two vehicles we will all have to end up ridin mexican in my car.
by random0934598347598347 April 17, 2007
(noun): Food that is purchased for employees or those attending meetings to eat during their breaks. Usually a bulk type food like many boxes of pizza, large sandwich tray. Generally much cheaper and of less quality than catered food. Main purpose being to feed a decent sized group of people cheaply.

Every sunday at work they feed us hostage food for lunch.
This cheap ass hostage food taste like shit.

by random0934598347598347 April 17, 2007

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