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the most questioned, most hated group of all of Bracebridge.

consisting of one black kid who thinks he's top shit and feels the need to howl at everybody at school. 2 cousins who work out and "dip" which is putting an obscene amount of chewing tobacco in your bottom lip, but rip on people who smoke cigarettes, some mexican kid who thinks he's just the funniest guy, but is probably secretly one of their boyfriends, and that kid is the most sarcastic, self absorbed fucking piece of shit kid you'll ever meet. some blonde douche who throws the grossest dips and is an asshole to everybody.

basically, the point of the Wolf Pack is just to hate and rip on kids who arent them. its a group of preps that specifically hate on other preps and decide to fight them. kind of like a north korea vs south korea kinda thing. and if anybody makes a comment about them, or to them; the whole god damn group decides to tear that person apart and just annoy the fuck out of everyone.

The Wolf Pack is nothing but a bunch of piece of shit kids with nothing better to do than assume they are better than everybody else.
they show up to a party and annouce that the Wolf Pack has arrived. they all put dip in their lips and start playing beer pong.
by random teenager October 14, 2012

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