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something the court system makes you do for stealing something from a store...some how they find a conccetion and we've all missed it
WTF...how do you get drug test from stealing....
by random persona June 05, 2010
1.something put in a name to make the person sound improtant
2.a statement used to put emphasis on a cool person
3. used to make something sound cool
crayola mutha fuckin crayons
by random persona June 05, 2010
1.when a coach says we will be out at 5 and you end up getting out at 6
2.when a coach says we will be done in 5 min. and 30 min. later the team is still on the field
coach:"Well boys we're going to get you out early today"
player mumbles:"This is the time we are usually supposed to get out....."
other player:"It's because the coach doesnt run on actuall time, they run on their own time...coach's time"
by random persona June 06, 2010

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