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cheesin: to grin insanely. Quite often after good news or a good getting into someone. If "pure" said in front of it, then a common Glaswegien saying emerges.
Not to be mistaken from the older sayin "cheesed off" used by middle aged people who still think that they are "hip"
I'm cheesin after last night
Ay you're pure cheesin ya bam
I'm cheesed of dudes 'coz I'm turning 50 tomorow
by random bulldog August 03, 2004
ragin': Sottish way of say "raging" from the abstract noun "rage" then being turned into a verb at first, but used as an adjective for cleloquial uses. Generally used more delinquants who don't have enough brain cells to think of another word (aka angry)
"That lassie was pure ragin'"
by random bulldog August 03, 2004
1)Chemestry word meaning totally or completely
2)100% with no addictives or preservatives
3)Used in west Scotland as an exaguration word or in east Scotland wrongly by people who want to be from Glasgow
1)Pure gold
2)Pure apple juice
3)"Aye you're pure bein a bam. I'm pure ragin'"
by random bulldog August 03, 2004
Starbuck's: A coffee shop or cafe which likes to make its money by making other coffe shops go out of business.
plan: make a starbuck on each corner of the street the enemy coffee shop is on. All three coffee shops do badly, but because Starbuck's is a multi-million dollar company, the other shop goes bankrupt first, leaving Starbuck's to reap all the customers, and inevitably, benifets.
outcome: Starbuck's on pretty much every corner in every city with coffee shops
"hey do u wanna go 2 Starbuck's somewere"
"sure, wot abt that 1... ro that 1... or there's 1 over there... heres 1"

Starbuck's are taking over, there is no escape
by random bulldog August 05, 2004

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