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its the eyes of a woman while she is giving oral to a guy, she just looks up to his eyes Her eyes say to the guy "yea i got your dick in my mouth, what are u goin to do about"
i got head last night and my girl was really turning me on with those blowjob eyes.
by ramrod January 30, 2005
A pet name for your boyfriend's balls.
I love playing with Johnny's pelotas....
by ramrod December 05, 2004
a peruvian who just complains constantly also known as a pulsating poon or a thrusting vag
My gf is a c-plain she never shuts the fuck up
by ramrod December 05, 2004
to be really fucking slow, like a nigga
everywhere tom carton goes he swaggers... he's so sln
by ramrod December 05, 2004
A frail friend who collapses like a bunch of brocoli after a single heart punch and then turns into a C-plain for four weeks after
Porcelain Tom is SLN
by ramrod December 05, 2004
one who commits the act of digging up a septic tank, cutting off the top, and proceding to slurp up the shit inside. Often, swimming can occur as well
mike panz is a fucking septic slurper
by RAMROD October 10, 2003
A woman who seeks sexual pleasure from a male and then gets rid of him. very shady. i.e. slut, whore, tramp
"Hey D-low, you have fun with that Spliff-starr last night?! 'heard she was splifferiffic!!"
by Ramrod February 11, 2005
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