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Term, originating in feudal Japan, referring to one who has attained absolute perfection of the anal arts.
Josh lowered his guard for a second and, before he knew it, the cock samurai had impaled him on his brown blade.
by rampagus_maximus March 02, 2004
semen; ejaculate (sl.)
Josh shot his hot manmilk into James' face.
by rampagus_maximus November 01, 2003
the process of stealing up another man's rectum in the quiet of the night..........
James was overwhelmed by the rampant degree of mindless savage buttbanditry.
by rampagus_maximus November 01, 2003
1)A relatively new term, originating in St. Andrews, referring to the process by which a man wraps his tongue around another man's ring piece.......sick, i know.
2) A sickening degree of 'sucking up'
James thought he might get into honours with a bit of strategic asslicketry.
by rampagus_maximus October 27, 2003
A game played mostly in Norwich but also catching on in certain areas of France. Two faggots compete to see who can end up with the best array of cock merchandise....one change allowed. Winning hands might include a full louse, a hot flush etc. Also known as prick poker in some dialects.
James wasn't happy with Josh's dealing when they played penis poker.
by rampagus_maximus November 01, 2003
When two gentleman spar with their cocks.
The men of Bolton have a very obvious advantage when it comes to cockwrestling
by rampagus_maximus November 01, 2003
A vicious drooling beast residing in Gaywood, King's Lynn, S. England. Thought by many to be mythical, the evil faggot creature leaves its lair by night to stalk the streets of Norwich. Many an unsuspecting stranger has been caught unawares and savagely ass-raped by this mindless demon. The folk of Norwich tie garlic over their doors to ward off this enemy of all things heterosexual.......
The folk of Norwich fled when they heard the buttbeast's lurching approach.......
by rampagus_maximus November 01, 2003

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