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noun/short for burong-burong to antak, capampangan term (coined from lips to lips) physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by rhythmic movements usually leading to the ejaculation of semen from the penis into the female reproductive tract; also : INTERCOURSE
michelle always wants to have burtutak with peter
by ramon August 24, 2003
Titanranger, a cool guy from mishicorp
he's a big fan of tokusatsu
titanranger hentai poop
by ramon December 26, 2004
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Man, I'ma hit the URBANOLOGY! Ciao!
by Ramon March 10, 2004
A weekly ritual taking place on Tuesday in which co-workers and/or friends, participate in. This is usually the highlight of the week.
Every Tuesday, my co-workers and myself head out to Best Buy to check out the new releases, go to the market for any necessities, usually juice, and then to Subway for their Tuesday special: a footlong sub for $3.99 before heading back to the office for lunch.
by Ramon August 13, 2004

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