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The place a stalled relationship lands when it's drifting amid an ending, a struggle to stay friends and a suppressed desire to be intimate again.
After being apart for months and not communicating, they started to talk again, which immediately landed them both in Platonica.
by rambler November 29, 2005
Harsh correspondence between ex lovers that takes place in the immediate aftermath of a break up.
After she withdrew and chose not to discuss their problems anymore, he wrote her a 'Cruella Novella' exposing her every failure and berating every intimacy and vulnerability ever shared or experienced with him.
by rambler August 12, 2005
Hard to control weeping that is continually triggered by almost anything at anytime.
Being exhausted, stressed, pms'ing and missing her man, sent her straight into a weepapalooza that lasted for days.
by rambler October 20, 2005
A thought that dominates your mind non-stop.
The thought of him pinning her arms down, above her head, right before he enters her, had been running loop2loop in her mind for weeks.
by rambler December 02, 2005
Most of the time, but not all the time.
Although I think about sex 24/7, I only think about having it with him, 22/7.
by rambler October 03, 2005

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