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A county in Southen Maryland
South of Anne Arundel County.
Most likely where they coined the phrase "It's a small world"

You can't go ANYWHERE without seeing somebody you know, and not because it doesn't have a lot of people, there just aren't many places to go.
(You can even go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and see people.)

A place where there are only 3 degrees of seperation between people.
And where it is common to be related to someone on both sides of your family.

Usually referred to as "Culvert Coutayy"
Guy one: Yo That dude from Calvert County is cool like pie!
Guy from Calvert County: Dude, It's Culvert county. and y'all should use cool like pie.
Another guy from calvert county: Yo! Mike! Hey!
by ram a lama ding dong September 01, 2007
A person, place, thing or Idea that is far greater than just cool. Cosidered by many a compliment of the highest order. (Especially in Calvert County, Maryland)
That Kid Chris is totally rad.

I think may just be cool like pie.
by ram a lama ding dong September 01, 2007

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